So You Want to Eat More Avocados… Here’s how!


One avocado per day will help clear out the plaque in your arteries and lower your LDLs (bad cholesteral), according to studies and credible sources. As far as heart-healthy goes, it doesn’t get much better than that. But that doesn’t mean you have to blend it up into guacamole and eat it with salty chips.

May I introduce: Avo-Toast.

What is it?

Avo-toast is just plain avocado on a slice of toast. It’s not my idea. Lots of people make avo-toast. But I do consider myself a bit of an avo-toast aficionado since I eat it so much and have experimented with it a lot. There are a variety of ways to dress it up if you find the idea of plain avocado a little lack-luster like I did at first.

If you don’t know about it, get ready to say “yum!” and if you do, check out the guide below anyway – you might find a tasty new idea!

How to Make Avo-Toast

1) To make avo-toast, first toss a slice of bread in the toaster. As a side note: grain and seed breads are usually the most healthy. My favorite is Eureka 7 Sprouted Grains which can be found in the freezer aisle of some grocery stores (not Walmart unfortunately, but Publix has it and of course Whole Foods and Lucky’s have it).

2) While the bread toasts, slice an avocado in half. Then you can experiment with various cutting techniques: score one side with your knife to make little squares, cut it in slices, scoop it out into a bowl and mash it to make a nice spread.

3) After you have your toast and avocado ready, add on some extra ingredients if you’d like. Here are some tasty choices.

Other great ways to eat avocados:

  • Add it to a smoothie instead of banana (or do both for an extra thick smoothie).
  • Make guacamole (avocado in a blender with some lemon juice, tomatoes, onions and cilantro) and eat the guac with french fries instead of chips.
  • Put it on steak.
  • Put it on a salad.
  • Put it on a sandwich or wrap or pita.
  • Mash it with a hard boiled egg instead of mayo for an egg salad sandwich
  • Make avocado soup!

Watch the Weight

Enjoying avocados regularly may be healthy for your heart, but don’t eat too many or your waistline may suffer. Half an avocado packs in about 161 calories – just right for a light meal or snack, but any more than one whole avocado per day and you might be in trouble.

How do you like to eat avos? Leave a comment below!

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