PSA: Plain Oil Cooking Spray Exists (No Chemicals!)


Several of my family members are all gung-ho about olive oil. The mediterranean diet (heavy in olive oil) is supposed to be very healthy for you, even potentially helping to prevent cancer. Studies on olive oil have also shown that it can:

The Chemical-Free Pan Sprays

It was such a surprise to find out those olive-oil loving family members were still using a chemical pan spray – they didn’t know the olive oil kind exists – so I thought I would share this with you as well.

There are two kinds that I frequently buy: one from Walmart (the Pompeian- gold label on the left) and one from Aldi’s (the Simply Nature – green label on the right). Both of these products are organic and are nothing more than olive oil in a pressurized can. NO PROPELLENT! You have to be sure to read the label carefully – these two and Bertolli are the only ones I’ve found that are just pure olive oil – most others do have propellant in them (and/or other chemicals/ingredients).

Since there is nothing in them besides olive oil, they can be used as more than just pan spray. I spray them over salads, spray them over a cauliflower or whole chicken that I’m about to roast, or if I happen to be out of regular olive oil at the time, I spray them into a spoon to measure out however much olive oil I need for a recipe.

The Pompeian label mentions that their spray nozzle has three ways to spray, depending on how you press it, making this product even more versatile. This is absolutely one of my kitchen must-haves. You have to play around with it a couple times to get the hang of it, but it absolutely does what it says: three kinds of spray!

If olive oil isn’t you’re forte or if you just like having an variety of cooking sprays, there are several others available. Pompeian makes an avocado oil spray, coconut oil spray, and grapeseed oil spray. I have also seen organic canola oil in a spray can, though by a different company.

I am lucky that my local Walmart carries the Pompeian olive oil spray, and that I have an Aldi’s nearby as well, but if you can’t find a good option near you, the Pompeian is available through Amazon and also through

What do you use olive oil spray for? Share your tips and ideas in the comment area below!

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