Computer Glasses: To Get or Not To Get


What are computer glasses?

They’re eyewear with a special coating on them that blocks blue light, a type of light emitted from our screens – cell phones, computer screen, TV screen, tablet… the beautiful glow that we all spend hours basking in every day.

Why would you want to block the blue light?

Because unfortunately it harms your body:

  • It causes eye strain, including dryness, eye pain and fatigue.
  • It causes headaches and migranes. (Source.)
  • It interferes with sleep more strongly than other colors of light. (Source.)
  • If lowers your dopamine, which makes you feel fatigued, forgetful and unmotivated. (Source.)
  • It can cause macular degeneration later in life (Source.)

Sounds like a no brainer, right?

I decided: To Get. Just over a year ago I ordered a pair from EyeBuyDirect. That place is really great, definitely recommend them – they have dozens or maybe hundreds of frames and they let you upload a photo to try on different ones – it’s really cool, plus the prices vary so you’re almost guaranteed to find something in your budget. They offer the option for making the lenses perscription as well.

I work on the computer (Hi, welcome to my website 🙂 and I play on the computer and I relax in from of the TV and it adds up to a LOT of hours of blue light daily. So I figured I should protect myself: I want a pair of computer glasses now while my eyes are perfectly healthy so they can stay perfectly healthy. An ounce of prevention.

They came in the mail, and of course I expected there to be a little adjustment period while I got used to them. But they actually kinda made me feel sick, and gave me a headache… what most people describe when they NEED glasses. I figured I just had to get used to them, but I decided to take it slow – only wearing them for a little here and there. And over time, I finally did get used to them. In fact, now I crave them. Now my eyes feel strained when I look at a screen for very long without them and I can’t wait to put on my glasses. But… wait… the whole point was to avoid ever making my eyes feel strained… They didn’t feel strained ever before, so this plan definitely backfired for me.

Did a little digging online, sure enough: found a report by someone else who tried blue light lenses and had to stop wearing them. So at least I’m not the only person who has experienced this. I want to make sure I put this out there for others searching about it as well or considering making the same choice I did: getting glasses as a form of prevention rather than as a solution.

There are also many reports (This article has 8 in-depth reports) of computer glasses working as a solutiong, reducing eye strain and headaches associated with screen time. And as I’ve said, the same is true for me now – they quickly stop my eye strain when looking at a screen.

So what is the answer? To Get or Not To Get?

If you ALREADY HAVE eye strain, headaches or sleep issues from screen time, the glasses are definitely a good bed. But if you’re fine right now, this is one instance when the old aggage rings true: don’t fix what ain’t broken.

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